Intel® XEON® Scalable Processors


Accelerate Edge Workloads with Built-In AI and Security to unlock new opportunities at the edge.

Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors boost AI performance and energy efficiency, improve operational efficiencies, and enable confidential computing in edge deployments for various business needs.

Grow and Excel with Workload-Optimized Performance

Quickly scale the systems and unlock new opportunities with Intel® Xeon® scalable processors. Refreshing legacy servers can result in incredible efficiency while enabling advanced use cases to drive the competitive advantage.


Run AI Everywhere with the Best CPUs for AI

Lower Costs and Reach Sustainability Goals

Help Protect Data with Confidential Computing

Incredible performance and energy efficiency across emerging use cases


Healthcare and life sciences

Industrial and energy


Improve medical imaging accuracy, enable faster scan results, and enhance the security of patient data

Help support the integration of renewables, build a data-driven power grid, and consolidate automation hardware

Provide frictionless shopping journeys and power-efficient AI video analytics in a variety of store environments